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Easton Walk Off White Out Backpack


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EASTON’S ® Sport Utility Premium Backpacks are built for the diamond and wherever the game may take you, providing sport utility performance on and off the field. The Limited Edition Whiteout WALK-OFF™ gives you a premium one-of-a-kind look and feel with Carbon Fiber material and chrome accents. EASTON’S® #1 WALK-OFF™ backpack features a unique helmet holder, providing more space for equipment inside the bag, a dual zipper design with fence hook for dugout functionality, and vented shoe compartment for cleats. In addition to getting your gear to and from the diamond, the versatile WALK-OFF™ backpack has multifunctional pockets and storage spaces that can be used for school. Complete the look with the Z-Core Speed Whiteout – 3 bat and Z10 Hyperskin Whiteout batting gloves.


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